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January 16, 2014 / weavingschool

A funny thing happened on the way to Thailand

This is my daily weaving for Jan. 16, 2014. I had a little extra time today. I arrived at the airport in Knoxville at 7:30 am the required two hours early for international flights. Eventually got to the gate, seated on the plane, doors closed, plane deiced, learned how to buckle my seat belt, when the flight attendant decided she was sick. Everyone was instructed to take our personal belongings and find another flight. The charming man at United laboriously found me new tickets only 22 hours later and an extra 3 hours added to the already 25 hour flight. So I spent the day at the Hilton opting not to ask dear hubby to spend another four hours driving back and forth to Sweetwater, the last leg at 3am tomorrow. I collected rack cards and here is today’s result. One can only hope there isn’t a similar weaving tomorrow. Off to check the weather report, on second thought…………



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