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August 2, 2014 / weavingschool

Out and About

Last week I was at the Jan Pennington Gray Harp Camp in Chattanooga listening to wonderful harp concerts.


While I was there I was lucky enough to help the wonderful folks on the 4th floor of the Chattanooga Library with their newest tech equipment – a traditional loom. Which is great because their 3D printers are still beyond my abilities, no matter how much I appreciate all they can do.


Now I’m at the Appalachian Center for Craft weaving with fishing line, which luckily for me is non conductive and all I have to do is put wire in the weft and lo and behold there is light! Another link in my electrified fiber art journey. I’ll have to post more later so I don’t miss a minute of today’s class. Our teacher Anastasia Azure is nothing short of genius I might add.


AAW3 AAWeb1 AAWeb2




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