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August 7, 2014 / weavingschool

Defy Nature

This is the piece I’m currently working on. It came out of a weaving exchange I’m in. This year our topic was Starry Night. I decided to weave a literal version using pictures of starry nights cut from magazine pages. The sample size for the exchange is 6” x 6” and when those were finished I wove this larger piece using several images. I also wanted to add some electronics to the piece. I’ve been away from electronic textiles for a while and thought a simple wiring piece would be a good refresher and get me back into arduino and lily pad projects. So much more to learn.

I live out in the country where the stars are bright and beautiful. Despite feeling safe out in the middle of nowhere, most of my neighbors use multiple streetlights along with porch and other night defying lights. And I have several other stories of what I’ve dubbed “nature deifiers”. So I added tiny street lights in the shape of the big dipper and the glow from the lights does indeed make it difficult to see some of the star detail.

nature deifiers

nature deifiers


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