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May 23, 2015 / weavingschool

Weaving and Felting Adventures

This is a “catching up” post or to be more truthful, I really should post more often.

Part 1: Since finishing teaching weaving and felting at the Campbell Folk School the first week in May, I’ve had plenty of studio time. I’m part of a weaving study group and this year’s topic is M’s and O’s,  (A structure in which “The warp ends in one block weave plain weave as individual ends while groups of warp ends interlace in plain weave order with the same weft in the alternate block” If you are a weaver this will make perfect sense. Unfortunately or Fortunately depending on your style of weaving, I seem to be incapable of weaving in the traditional manner I really admire. So it occurred to me eventually that this might be a way to achieve different textures side by side when using a handwoven cloth as a base for nuno felt. Up until now, I’ve only used plain weave in my pieces. After a number of samples I was able to achieve my goal I’m happy to say. The picture here is of the woven cloth and fibers I later shingled onto the web. I have a large piece now waiting to be cut up into 6″ samples for the exchange. It is always hard to cut up a big piece so I’m putting that part off until the last minute, at which time I hope to post more pictures of the finished piece.

Ready for fibers

Ready for fibers

Part 2: I spent the day in Chattanooga today teaching the 4th Floor downtown library staff and volunteers how to warp their loom. The main branch of the Chattanooga Library has an entire floor as a dedicated maker space. It has among other things high tech 3D printers and and a low tech loom. This is my kind of place and I loved helping them get started on the loom. We crammed a lot of information into a six hour day. It is just a start since weaving most likely defined “labor intensive” but the enthusiasm never left this talented group of folks. All had a chance to throw the shuttle by the end of the day. Next to come is a lesson in pattern drafting.

Part 3: I received a surprise in my Facebook feed with a picture of an upcoming show in the Atlanta area that will have a couple of my pieces. One of them is the background for the announcement. Check it out at this link Continuous Threads hosted by Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance at the Gwinnett Environmental and Heritage Center:

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