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January 4, 2016 / weavingschool

Travel Tale

It is not easy to alter someone else’s painting, but that’s what I did for this multimedia fiber art piece. So many thoughts ran through my head on my recent trip to Peru; so many unanswered questions about the big picture of what I was seeing. They are thoughts I have in all my travels both in the US and other countries.

In Peru, it was enough just to get used to the altitude much less put everything in perspective during the short two-week tour of a country long on my bucket list.  The fact that travel often reveals unexpected surprises, events part of the culture that are not on the organized tour is what informed this piece. There is always mystery about the place: different culture, different food, different landscape, different history. All things far too complicated to understand in a few days visit. This piece is an altered painting purchased from a street vendor. His story comes to life a little at a time as the lights revolve around the hidden painting.


free motion machine embroidery outlines the forms in the painting


lights illuminate the painting from the inside


street vendor who did the painting


inside view of painting and arduino running the lights


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