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January 25, 2016 / weavingschool

Art Show in Houston

I’ll be displaying 5 years of daily weavings at the Box13 ArtSpace gallery in Houston along with three other talented artists.


That equals to 1825 tiny weavings, but all put together they take up a big space. I’ve been making one small weaving from things that come into my life on a daily basis since 2005. Buying things for the weavings is against one of my self imposed rules. It has been an interesting journey. Each year comes out a little different. After all these years, I wondered if it was becoming mundane and thought I needed to quit or make a bigger commitment to the individual days. Of course, I’ve had a relatively quiet month so spending more time on each weaving is proving to be fun. I read that one day after 33 years Simon Rodia who created the Watts Towers in CA said, “I’m finished” and walked away. Each year I wonder when/if I’ll be finished.




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  1. Veronica / Jan 25 2016 11:38 am

    Congratulations! How wonderful.

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