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January 28, 2017 / weavingschool

Thailand Adventures

So much to see and do in Thailand.
This year I went on a tour to some of my favorite places in Thailand and a few I hadn’t seen before. This is a year of mourning for the late king and people were dressed in black everywhere we went. A continuing stream of people dressed completely in black stretched for blocks surrounding the Grand Palace waiting to view the king’s remains. Our tour took us to the north eastern part of Thailand. We visited five traditional weaving villages and were treated like royalty everywhere we went with welcoming luncheons, receptions, village tours, and lectures.     The second year fashion design students at Rangsit University in Bangkok took on the felting and e-textile challenge I gave them and made a scarf then stitched a simple circuit that included a snap switch and led light. I even revisited my Peru trip with a slide presentation to the Thai Textile Society. The last day of my trip found me at the Bangkok Mini Maker Faire. STEM and STEAM are a worldwide movement.
Here is a small sample in and around Bangkok, with more to follow.

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