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March 29, 2017 / weavingschool

Walking on Blue

I’ve embarked on a plein air project. It all started when my husband got in the bull dozier and went to war on the privet encircling the woods on our farm. I see such amazing things on my walks around the farm, but now that he has opened up the woods I can extend my walks through the woods instead of around them. The forces of nature are even more evident inside the woods along multiple new paths. Gigantic trees darkened at the base with moss and fallen ones on their way to return back into the earth, vines the size of a man’s wrist and of seemingly unlimited height tangled up into the trees some with the hairy clue that they are poison ivy, grey kudzu vines awaiting their spring growth spurt, small baby trees climbing their way to the sky, mosses, lichens, leaves of all sizes, toadstools, spider webs, occasional bugs, the one early asparagus that didn’t quite make it past the last frost, and new paths my son has cleared into the two farm ponds left over from long ago barite mining.
I can’t wait to get into the woods every day. In this early spring it is like walking on a blue carpet with so many tiny four petal blue flowers underfoot. I’ve packed a backpack with needed supplies to card, spin, weave, and felt wool to the colors that surround me on these walks.



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