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January 22, 2018 / weavingschool

Making Multiples

I spent this morning setting up for the opening of my exhibit at Rangsit University in Bangkok, Thailand. Here is the opening statement. Pictures of the exhibit and workshop for the fashion design department will follow as they happen.


I’m often asked if I sell my work. Usually I reply that selling requires making multiples of similar items, a task I don’t care to take on. But developing a new class or learning a new skill takes time, patience, and practice.

I set out to make 100 wet felted flowers while contemplating production work and how one becomes an expert. During the three and a half days it took to make the flowers, I concentrated on the process and the idea of variations on a theme. In the end, one hundred seemed just the starting place in a journey toward becoming an expert on the simple task of making felt flowers.

In researching the idea of multiples for this year’s show, I came across a large number of knitted strands that I made randomly over time. Little did I realize how many I had accumulated. In a play on the never-ending discussion about what makes art, I included fifty of the strands elevated from an accumulation of “stuff” to be viewed as “art”.

The accumulated 4745 daily weavings I’ve made since 2005 are in great contrast to the other multiples. Each was made methodically one at a time over many years with the only intent being to make something everyday.

I chose to display these projects together; 100 flowers pinned to a board like specimens in a museum, 50 knitted lengths of yarn I found in my stash of experiments, and two years of daily weavings bound as a book, to ask the viewer to think about the path they choose to become an expert.

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