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January 21, 2019 / weavingschool

Bangkok Show

My show at Rangsit University in Bangkok this year is about shadows. The pieces require tension and balance to hold them in place.The mixed media show is made up of woven, knitted, crochet, origami, and felted pieces. They require audience participation to make the shadows have new shapes and patterns. Here are a few pictures and the artist statement.


Shadow Shapes
Over the years, I’ve collected random pictures of things I see at home and on my travels. Clothes lines and shadows are two of the things that fascinate me.  The changing nature of shadows as the sun light passes by and the way the shadow can simplify and often times change the shape is of particular interest to me.
The pieces in this show create shadows. In gallery lighting only static shadows are formed that greatly enhance the piece with the careful attention of the installer. By using the flashlight on a cell phone however, the viewer can create a myriad of moving and changing shapes and patterns.
Here, I challenge the viewer to make the pieces come alive, create new shapes and patterns, laugh, and even dance.  Add music from your collection, have a friend take your picture with your individual creation and post it to your favorite site.


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