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April 10, 2019 / weavingschool

Rebecca’s Research

Rebecca'sResearch copyMy eldest daughter collected 6000 bottles of bugs for PHD research in the 1990s.  She is no doubt an expert in her field, but she never got back to doing more research on this set of bugs and they’ve been stored ever since. I’ve been contemplating projects for them for several years. Just the vast quantity of the tiny jars begs for an instillation piece. When the call for the Arts in the Airport exhibit for the Knoxville, TN airport came up, the theme was University of Tennessee. Research is such an important part of any university that it seemed appropriate to use a few of the 6000 in an entry. I’m happy to say, it was accepted.

Here is my artist statement:
For “Rebecca’s Research” I have lovingly encased one one-hundredth of my daughter’s PhD research collection in a felted mountain landscape reminiscent of where she does her research.  She is a research scientist and like all women in science her story is all too typical, so I was taken aback but not surprised when I told her about this project that she asked if I’d included the bottles with her sweat, blood, and tears in it.


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