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June 19, 2019 / weavingschool

Weaving at Little Middle Folk School

For one amazing week every summer the John C Campbell Folk School opens its studios to kids. The work they do is always outstanding. I’m lucky enough to introduce weaving to rising 7th grade through high school aged students to the traditional way cloth has been made for thousands of years. Kids in the morning session wind half the ends for a 5 yard warp, sley it in the reed, then the afternoon kids wind the other half and fill in the spaces. The color combinations they come up with are unique and surprising. Somehow it all works out and there is never an ugly combination. We thread straight draws the next day with a little help from the “weaving fairies” after class. By Wednesday, the shuttles are flying across the colorful warps with all the color and texture to be found in the Folk School’s massive yarn closet. Finally the kids understand what and why they “suffered” for the first two days. After plain weave comes twill and the weavings become complex and even more beautiful. Friday is project of your choice day to be made with two yards of hand woven cloth.

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