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December 20, 2019 / weavingschool

When is Enough Enough

IMG_5100I wonder if it’s enough every year at this time since I’ve been doing daily weavings. Will I say one day, “I’m finished” like Simon Rodia who spent most of his lifetime building the Watts Towers? Or will I just keep chugging along the next year as usual? One thing keeping me going is that I’ve never been able to answer the question what will I do instead? Not that I spend so much time on each daily weaving that it would leave a big hole to fill in my time each day. Over the years, the daily trash has changed. So much used to come in the mail but with internet that has changed things. I actively look for something to use now instead of waiting for it to walk into the house. At times, I work through my accumulated stash of things.

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  1. John Polly / Dec 26 2019 9:13 am

    The sunrises are always so inspiring. They set the tone for the day. A few moments to reflect and see the opportunity for the day it presents.

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