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January 22, 2020 / weavingschool

Out of the Frying Pan (So to Speak)

The temperature this morning in TN is 18 degrees so to make myself feel warmer, I looked up the weather in Bangkok where I’m headed next week. It is 84 degrees there at 9pm, a twelve-hour difference from Eastern Standard Time, with a high of 93. Not sure this strategy worked.
My project for the Rangsit University’s Pattana Art Gallery this year is an installation piece that asks fashion design students who attend the two days of workshops to reflect on how they will make their work stand apart from the vast amount of clothing being designed these days. Texture? Color? Shape? Design? So many things to consider. The students and viewers will be asked to write a response and attach it to the exhibit. The instillation piece includes streamers constructed of shirt labels, spun dress pattern paper, and crochet wire figures hanging on for dear life.  Many of the shirt labels have mirrors attached to them. I often put mirrors in the bottom of my vessels so that the viewer looks back at him/herself when peering down to see what’s inside.
Here is a picture of the spun dress paper packed and ready for instillation. I’ll post pictures of the exhibit in about two weeks when it goes live.


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  1. J P / Jan 22 2020 6:30 pm

    At least it’s warmer

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