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December 26, 2020 / weavingschool

Daily Weavings 2005 -2020

From 1921 to 1954, Simon Rodia built the Watts Towers using reclaimed materials. It was just what he did. Legend claims that one day he said, “I’m finished” and walked away and never returned. I think about him as each year draws to an end. I’ve been making daily weavings since 2005 for no particular reason. Originally, I decided to see if I could make a 3” square weaving every day for a year, but here we are all these years later. I have entered some in shows and am surprised whenever a viewer relates to my daily living scraps. Mostly though, it is just what I do a few minutes every day.

I imagine the day will come when I’m “finished” and lately, I do feel like it is coming to an end. One thing keeping me going though is that I’ve never been able to answer the question, “what will I do instead?” The scrap materials that come into my house over the years have changed; so much is virtual these days. The search for something I’ve encountered each day has had to change. The focus has been a bit different each year. For the last couple of years, I’ve been layering either directly onto last year’s day or just a group on top of the year before. Three hundred sixty-five of anything takes up a lot of space and my house is full. When the pandemic started I began making smaller daily weavings. I’ve felt diminished by staying home, losing all my teaching jobs and trips many never to return, too much free time to be the most productive. So, for now at least, out of curiosity to see what all these months will look like, I will finish out the year and continue during the pandemic isolation time. 

2020 Daily Weavings


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