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April 30, 2021 / weavingschool

Response to a Complex Issue

I learned about Shifu, the Japanese art of paper spinning at an HGA Convergence many years ago. From time to time some paper comes along that is just too good to pass up. A recent prescription for osteoporosis drugs (trying to keep old age at bay a while longer) came four to a box each with its own LARGE paper insert. I couldn’t pass up spinning it into yarn and creating a weaving as part of a tableau I decided to create about the mysteries involved in navigating the health care system. In the weaving, all the information is still there but, decoding it would be quite a task – just like it was before I cut it up and spun it. Does anyone actually read those inserts? If they did, would they even want to risk taking a drug with that many cautions? It even comes in many languages, a tiny Rosetta Stone. 


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