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About Weaving Arts Studio

Geri Forkner’s mixed media fiber art is defined by lifelong passions to make one of everything and to save materials from the global scrapheap. She learned the “usual” fiber processes from her grandmother but settled on being the only female in engineering class when her father insisted “Craft” was not a good enough career. Now with the addition of wearable technology, Geri’s work has come full circle as she strives to make beautiful insightful pieces using skills she polished along the way.

Her work is represented in museum collections in New York, Atlanta, and West Point Military Academy. Her latest pieces have appeared at the Southern Highland Craft Guild’s “Fellowship” exhibit, Tyson McGee Airport, a joint exhibit of five tapestry artists “Time Warp – And Weft” at the NOTO Arts Center, Topeka, OK and scheduled for the Linden House Arts Center in Athens, GA. Her “Clothesline” instillation is scheduled for Jan 2107 at Rangsit University in Bangkok, Thailand. Geri is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and is a nationally known artist and teacher working with both children and adults. Her creativity is contagious and her students are always inspired to think outside the box.



Teaching in Thailand Feb. 2016


Geri's show

I create alternate realities by collecting papers destined for the global scrap heap. By cutting or tearing then reweaving these papers into themselves, I am commenting on how each individual perceives the world differently. I have also gathered something daily since 2005, woven them into themselves or used them as weft for small off loom weavings. The pieces, one per day, are assembled by months and displayed together by years. What started out as a whim has blossomed into a large collection of strips and squares that are asking for further interpretation.


Instillation at Rangsit University
Keep to Yourself

It is human nature for individuals to find comfort in associating with others who “speak my language.” Here, within the safety zones of our chosen containers – the different paths and groups we associate with in our lifetimes – we are both safe and connected to those inside but away from those outside we don’t understand.

Daily Weaving 2007

Contact Geri at:
566 Randolph Fridley Rd., Sweetwater, TN 37874
or by e-mail: geriforkner  at


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