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Daily Weaving

I have long been fascinated with using traditional processes with alternative materials. In 2005 I began making one small weaving every day using only found items.  I have continued this daily weaving to this day. During the course of each year themes and issues emerge from the process itself. What began as a personal experience has turned into a metaphor for our everyday lives, both its universality and its consequences on the environment.  Overall the pieces speak to an “alternate reality” reflective of the many different ways people perceive the same event and how time alters that perception.
The collection of Daily Weavings is displayed by years.

Geri Forkner DSC03281sm
Instillation at Box 13 Art Space, Houston, TX
5 years of Daily Weavings, Jan 30 – March 10, 2016

Daily Weaving 2013 Inventing Space 94"h x (min76 to max98")

Daily Weaving 2013
Inventing Space
94″h x (min76 to max98″)

Daily Weaving 2011 and 2012 arranged back to back

Daily Weaving 2011 and 2012 arranged back to back

Daily Weaving 2010 One 3″ square for each day of the year Height varies 96″ max Width varies 36″ + spacing

Detail Daily Weaving 2010 with folded sections

Daily Weaving 2009

Daily Weaving 2008 detail

Daily Weaving 2008 detail

This year’s Daily Weaving is in the collection of American Folk Art Museum

Daily Weaving 2007

Original Daily Weaving: 2005 with additions 2006

Below are a few projects that are an outgrowth of the Daily Weavings

Crossing Boarders

Crossing Boarders

Rock City 11″ x 11″

Healthy Eating: Think outside the food box. Each one comes complete with nutrition facts. Here “facts” are mounted on Red Cross audiotape that, before discarded, trained folks how to keep healthy. The food boxes are rewoven into themselves; an attempt to vary the redundancy of cooking for a family day after day.

Detail: Healthy Eating


Nutrition Facts: I am fascinated by the irony of food labels with their “nutrition facts” labeled boldly. Many reveal that there is little nutrition in the container’s food. What better way to serve up faux nutrition than in a faux serving bowl! Dimensions: max diameter 21” x height 7”


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