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Interactive light painting by Pu Gong Ying TU: painting:

Cute Circuits:


Lace Sensor Dresses

Sound Weaving:

Article on wearable tech:

Ballet shoes:

Wearable sensors:

Color changing dress:


Many projects and tutorials can be found at Sparkfun, Adafruit, and


Sylvia’s Super Awesome Maker Show:


Maker Faire:


Sew Electric, Leah Buechley and Kanjun Qui,

available through

Wearable Electronics, Kate Hartman

available through:

Basic knowledge of electronics:

Sources for supplies search for batteries (we used 2032 3volt coin cell) and LEDs, string lights


Conductive thread bobbin DEV 13814

Conductive thread: DEV 11791 $41.95 (360 yds)

Coin Cell Battery holder (no switch) DEV-08822

Suggested supplies for next step:

Lily tinyDEV-10899

Coin Cell Battery Holder DEV 11285

Lily Pad LED White (5pcs) DEV 10081

LilyPad Arduino SimpleSnap: DEV-10941

Lily Pad SimpleSnap Protoboard: DEV-10940

LilyPad FTDI Basic Breakout – 5V: DEV-10275


Here is the circuit we used:

Image result for led electric circuit
V is the battery, R is resistor and the anode/cathode refers to the led
(for multiple LEDs connect all the + legs together to the + side of the battery  and all the – legs together to the – side of the battery)

and a diagram of an LED:

We did not use a resistor because the conductive thread supplies enough resistance. Remember if you want to add an on/off switch using a snap, both sides of the snap must be on either the + trace or the – trace. You must put a break in the trace. Putting one side of the snap on + and the other on – will look like an off switch because the led will shut off when snapped. In reality it is a short circuit and will drain the battery.
Good luck with your new found skills.



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